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Dentures are custom-made, artificial teeth and gums that are meant to fill gaps from tooth loss in the mouth. Dentures are not permanently fixed to the interior of the mouth, and can easily be taken in and out of the mouth for cleaning. Dentures used to be made of plastic or porcelain, but now they are typically made from a fabricated, hard resin material. None of these materials are quite as tough as real tooth enamel, but with proper maintenance and care, dentures can go years.

Benefits of Dentures

Several benefits come with dentures, the most sought-after being improved functionality of the mouth for eating, smiling, and more.

Some additional benefits of dentures include:

  • Improve Facial Features & Self-Esteem

  • Improve Ability To Eat Comfortably

  • Cost-Effective Dental Solution

  • Easier Time Speaking

  • Easier Time Speaking

  • Enjoy A Better Quality Of Life

All of these benefits add up to considerably improving the quality of life for individuals with new dentures.

With improved self-esteem, looks, speech, and the ability to eat what you love, dentures are one of the best ways to improve your quality of life if you struggle with dental health.

Types of Dentures

  • Hybrid Dentures: are fixed and permanent artificial teeth that feel, look, and function just like real teeth. This type of denture is stabilized within the jaw bone and is a combination of a traditional denture and a fixed bridge.

  • Overdentures: a set of artificial teeth that snaps to a permanently implanted post in the mouth. Overdentures provide a great fit and stability and allow you to replace missing teeth in a way similar to dental implants, but without the high cost associated with tooth-by-tooth dental implant procedures.

  • Complete Dentures: Also known as full dentures are what most people associate dentures with when they think of artificial teeth. These dentures take up the mouth completely and can be fully removed from the mouth and put back in with ease.

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