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Youth Plan

Polishing, Whitening Discounts & More: Youth Dental Plan.

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Youth Plan



  1. Polishing Of Front Upper & Lower 6 Teeth.
  2. Get a ₹1,500 OFF on teeth whitening worth ₹5500.This will be activated once you visit the clinic within 24 to 48 hours of purchase of this plan.
  3. Free Smile Assessment.
  4. +10% off on Teeth Whitening & Laser Treatments.
  5. 20% off on Aligners.
  6. Free Consultation valued at ₹750**
**Plan will be valid for 1 month**
**Consultation fee varies from clinic to clinic**

Modus Operandi

  1. Offers to be Made to Patients interested in “Dental Treatment”
  2. Active within 48 hours after issuance, plans will active only in working days after payment.
  3. Coupon Code will be shared with the Patient by the Call Center Team
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