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Teeth Whitening


What is Teeth-Whitening?

Almost everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile. But is just brushing enough?- No. No matter how good your oral hygiene is, there is a bright chance that your teeth won’t be as bright and white as they were.

The reason for teeth discoloration can vary from person, but the most common reasons are lifestyle habits. The food that you eat, the beverages that you drink, and smoking all there can affect your teeth and make them dull and yellow.

There are many options available in the market that claim they can help you achieve white teeth such as strips and gels, but using them without consulting a dentist can cause permanent damage to your teeth’s enamel and cause sensitivity. It is always a good idea to get your teeth whitening done by a professionally trained dentist.

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Our best dentists has the skill, experience, and professional knowledge needed for using a safe and higher concentration of whitening and beaching agents.

The teeth whitening procedure is a common cosmetic procedure and its results can last up to six months or longer depending on your oral hygiene and eating habits. To make your results last longer, avoid foods that can stain your teeth and have less amount of tea and coffee. As the caffeine in these drinks can stain your teeth.

One of the benefits is that people tend to be drawn to people with whiter teeth. It makes excellent first impressions and conveys the idea that you have good grooming habits.

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