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Partner with us 

Partner with us !

We will be delivering patient to your doorstep !​

Join Doc Compass Partner Program Now !

Clinic Details

Benefits of Opting For Us

We Deliver Patients To Your Doorstep 

Appointment Confirmation:

Patient fills contact details and information form online.
Our calling team promptly contacts the patient to understand their concerns.
Provides information about the doctor and their expertise.

E-Consultation Facilitation:

Arranges an e-consultation with the doctor for a comprehensive discussion.
Ensures seamless communication between the patient and the doctor.

Appointment Coordination:

Confirms the appointment.
Sends necessary details to the patient and the clinic for a smooth visit.

Pre-Visit Education:

Educates the patient before their first visit, ensuring they are well-informed.
Clarifies any queries or concerns to enhance patient confidence.

Follow-Up Engagement:

Maintains communication with the patient post-appointment.
Gathers feedback and addresses any additional needs or questions.

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