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Tooth-Colored Fillings

What is Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Most people develop an occasional cavity, even if they maintain good at-home oral hygiene practices and visit their dentist for regularly scheduled teeth cleanings. When this occurs, dental fillings are an effective way to restore teeth damaged by decay.

In order to deliver the highest quality results, the modern dentist uses tooth-colored fillings, ensuring you achieve beautiful, natural-looking results that blend in seamlessly with your smile.

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What is the process of getting a composite filling/tooth-colored filling?

The first step is to remove the decay. Next, the dentist will thoroughly clean and disinfect the area where the decay was removed. Then the composite resin layer by layer is placed. Every layer is hardened with the use of a curing light. The dentist sculpts the resin to conform to the natural shape of the tooth. When satisfied with the appearance, the final layer is hardened, and the tooth is polished. Now your tooth is free of decay, healthy, and has an invisible restoration.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings:

White fillings are made of a composite resin material that mimics the color of your natural teeth. They provide you with several advantages compared with metal amalgam fillings:

  • 1. Preserves more of your natural tooth structure

  • 2. Does not expand and contract with temperature changes, reducing the risk of tooth fracture down the road.

  • 3. Bonded to your tooth, providing extra support

  • 4. Prevents additional tooth decay

  • 5. Matches the color of your natural tooth, blending in with your smile

How is the color of the composite resin for my filling determined?

The dentist uses a shade guide for the two types of composite used for the tooth-colored fillings.

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